Spanning 694,000 square meters, this residential project provides prime facilities and integrated services such as schools, shopping centers, and a clinic.
Villas | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al Rabie is a quality residential community located to the north of Riyadh city.
Villas | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Inspired by Arabian architecture, Qurtoba brings to life the colors and feel of the desert.
Villas | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Located in the holy city of Makkah, Al Awali is a residential project comprised of 16 independent villas spanning 41,168 square meters.
Villas | Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Located in Al Muzaiynib residential area of Al Shifa, Al Noor offer a range of upscale duplex villas for sale within close proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque.
Villas | Medina, Saudi Arabia