Upside Living Villas by Versace Home: All You Need To Know

Upside Living villas

Dar Al Arkan developed a one-of-a-kind “Upside Living villas” in Saudi Arabia. It’s the first residential project ever with interiors by Versace worldwide. Upside Living comprises only 12 luxurious villas, including masterpiece designs and items by Versace Home. 

Features of Upside Living by Versace

  • More Space, More Welfare: Upside Living villas include additional parts that can be used for several purposes, like spending your precious time with family and guests in luxurious areas by Versace Home. 
  • A hosting area is located on the first floor, while the family area is on the ground floor; a cascading waterfall connects both floors.
  • Smart Home Automation: Upside Living contains smart home automation systems for more welfare and comfort.
  • Floor-to-ceiling Window: Upside Living offers residents an elite lifestyle through the windows that uncover panoramic views of Wadi Hanifa.
  • World-class Amenities: the placement of Upside Living in Shams Ar Riyadh gives the residents the privilege to access various amenities, including a grand mosque, a luxury mall, and a chic promenade, besides entertainment facilities and attractions. 

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Upside Living location 

Upside Living location 
Upside Living location

Upside Living villas are located in Shams Ar Riyadh, the most premium community in North Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

It is considered a strategic place to access capital destinations through the vibrant King Khalid Road easily. 

3 Factors of Success

Upside Living delivers the most luxurious living experience around the world because of three crucial factors:

  1. It is located in the most Techonolociacl community, “Shams Ar Riyadh.” 
  2. Interiors and furniture by the global brand “Versace.”
  3. Professional real estate construction company “Dar Al Arkan”.

1-  About Shams Ar Riyadh

Shams Ar Riyadh is a luxurious ‘city-within-a-city’ constructed on a massive 5 million square meters area. The community is one of its kind in Saudi Arabia, which raises the benchmark for luxury living in the capital.

Living in Shams Ar Riyadh features many benefits and amenities as the project consists of different commercial and residential spaces served by the finest facilities for a modern lifestyle. Typically, Shams Ar Riyadh” is a model of a smart residential neighbourhood in Saudi Arabia.

Sham Ar Riyadh Advantages

  • Smart Home Technology 

Multi-Service Digital System: The system’s purpose is to make the residents’ lives easier through smart home technology that enables them to fully control their homes with minimum effort. Smart home technology includes security, fire detectors, cooling and heating, and lighting systems.

Also, the smart home applications and services are connected via a single network and system with high-speed Internet.

  • Comprehensive Facilities

The community’s goal is to fulfil all the needs of residents for a comfortable, quiet and modern life. In addition, its location in North Riyadh gives residents access to capital amenities and attractions. 

The community includes:

– Government agencies

– Mosques

– Restaurants and cafes

– Supermarkets

– Commercial spaces filled with lively shopping centres.

– Family essential: Sham Ar Riyadh includes different facilities that suit any family’s needs. The community has vast green areas, children’s play areas, and schools featuring complementary services for any family with children.

2- About Versace 

Versace is the most iconic fashion brand worldwide, founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.

Besides the fashion industry, Versace expanded its brand with various luxury products and services, including home decor and furnishings.

Critical Aspects of Versace Home:

Versace Home is an extension of the Versace brand that specialises in interior design division and home furnishings.

  • Luxury Design Aesthetics: Versace Home is known for its luxurious and opulent design aesthetics. The brand often incorporates bold colours, intricate patterns, and iconic motifs into its home collections, reflecting the distinctive style associated with the Versace brand.
  • Product Range: Versace Home offers a wide range of products for various aspects of home decor, including furniture, lighting, textiles, tableware, and accessories.
  • Customisation: Versace Home collections offer a degree of customisation for customers, allowing clients to tailor their furnishings to suit their preferences and requirements.

3- About Dar Al Arkan

 Dar Al Arkan is a listed Saudi Arabian company with more than 29 years of experience in the real estate industry. During these years, the company constructed substantial real estate projects considered the best projects worldwide.

Dar Al Arkan

  • W Residences Dubai-downtown
  • Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower
  • Parisiana 
  • Parisiana Living
  • Al Maseef

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Important Institutions Near Upside Living?

  • King Saud University (12 minutes away from the community)
  • Kingdom Tower (15 minutes away from the community) 
  • King Khalid International Airport (19 minutes away from the community)
  • Princess Noura University (16 minutes away from the community)
  • King Abdullah Financial Center (9 minutes away from the community)

What are the Entertainment Places Near Upside Living Villas? 

Upside Living location in North Riyadh accessing various entertainment places to visit.

Must Places to visit in RiyadhNorth are:

  • Kingdom Centre Tower: An iconic skyscraper that houses a shopping mall, offices, and the Sky Bridge, offering panoramic city views.
  • Al Hokair Land: A family-friendly entertainment park located in the northwestern part of Riyadh, featuring places, roads, rides, and attractions that entertain all ages,  making it one of the best places to visit in Riyadh for a family.
  • Salam Park: An eastern Riyadh public park offering large green spaces, walking paths, and entertainment facilities. It’s one of the North Riyadh places to visit with your family.
  • Diriyah: A UNESCO World Heritage site located northwest of Riyadh, known for its unique historic architecture, mud-brick structures, and cultural significance as the birthplace of the first Saudi state. Diriyah is considered one of the most visited Riyadh tourist places who love historical sites.
  • Al Nakheel Mall: Located northwest of North Riyadh, it contains a mix of international and local brands, as well as restaurants, café shops, and entertainment options.

What are the Top International Schools Near Uside Living?

  • British International School Riyadh (BISR)
  • American International School Riyadh (AISR):
  • Manarat Al Riyadh International School
  • King’s College Riyadh
  • Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools
  • Multinational School Riyadh (MNS-R)
  • Al-Oruba International Schools
  • Dar Al-Fikr Schools

Why Should You Live in Etoile by Elie Saab?


Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s capital and the leading city in economic, political, and cultural activities; it has infinite facilities and services, increasing the demand for buying real estate units in Riyadh and nearby areas; these units vary between living, investment, and commercial units.

  • The government is dedicated to establishing initiatives to enhance the quality of life within Saudi Arabia, especially Riyadh. During the last few years, Riyadh has witnessed significant developments in its infrastructure that improved and modernized the standard of living for its residents. The city has numerous amenities like world-class healthcare, educational institutions, and entertainment.
  • The city has a large job market with substantial business opportunities that attract professionals seeking career development and financial stability.
  • Riyadh has historical landmarks and traditional markets, uniquely blending cultural heritage and modern style.
  • Riyadh is located at the centre of Saudia Arabia, making it a suitable destination for tourists, so they search for apartment for rent in Riyadh City.

Due to all these factors, citizens and foreigners are searching for apartments in Riyadh, especially in luxurious communities with all the facilities.

What is the Most luxurious Community in Riyadh?

What is the Most luxurious Community in Riyadh
What is the Most luxurious Community in Riyadh

Etoile by Elie Saab community is one of its kind in Saudi Arabia, as it is designed according to the iconic flair and elegance of the famous designer Elie Saab with architecture inspired by the heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Who is Elie Saab?

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer well known for his elegant designs for women; his unique designs made him famous worldwide.

Besides his fashion achievements, Elie Saab has contributed to interior designs, fragrances, kids’ wear, and accessories since he started his brand, “Elie Saab,” heading elegance as the brand’s core and providing luxurious products.

What is the kind of elegance in the Etoile community?

In Etoile by Elie Saab, You can find elegance in interiors with fancy shapes, detailed textiles, rich neutral colors, and iconic embroidery, besides the luxurious allure of Pillassandro floor tiles and elegant wall coverings with elegant champagne metal finishes.

Those factors help you feel an ethereal sensation when you walk into the community.

Available Living Units in Etoile by Elie Saab

Etoile by Elie Saab has a fantastic overlook of the most iconic valley in Riyadh, Wadi Hanifa, making it a unique advantage for the residents.

The living units overlooking the wadi are divided as follows:

  • Villa Type A2: consists of 4 bedrooms, with an area of 363,8 SQM and a plot area of 300 SQM.
  • Villa Type A3: it overlooks the wadi and consists of 4 bedrooms, with an area equal to 422,3 SQM and a plot area of 350 SQM
  • Villa type B2: it overlooks the Wadi and consists of 3 bedrooms, with an area equal to 300,8 SQM and a plot area of 250 SQM.
  • Villa type B2S: it overlooks the Wadi and consists of 3 bedrooms with an area equal to 290 SQM and a plot area of 240 SQM.
  • Villa type B3 overlooks the Wadi and consists of 4 bedrooms, with an area equal to 305,3 SQM and a plot area of 252 SQM.
  • Villa type B4 overlooks the Wadi and consists of 3 bedrooms with an area equal to 245 SQM – 2637 SQFT and a plot area of 200 SQM – 2153 SQFT.

Benefits of Living in the Etoile Community

Living in Etoile Compound gives you lots of privileges, including:

  • Enjoy the modern lifestyle in a luxurious way you can’t find anywhere else in Saudi Arabia.
  • The community is built according to the best construction and development practices, as Dar Al Arkan is the developer of Etoile Community. 

Dar al Arkan is listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange Market; it has 28 years of dedicated experience delivering the highest quality projects exceeding 15,000 units. The company has assets equivalent to 31 billion SAR and operates in more than eight countries worldwide. (Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, QATAR, SPAIN, OMAN, CHINA) 

  • Etoile Community is constructed on 20 million square meters, which gives vast spaces for facilities and entertainment services within the compound.

Facilities of the Etoile community in Sedra

The SEDRA community includes elements that enhance the living of residents to ensure a healthy lifestyle; some of these elements are:

  • Wide green spaces
  • Public Parks
  • sports facilities
  • Community centers 
  • State-of-the-art education
  •  Medical centers
  • Sports Hub
  • Schools
  • Early Childhood centers
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Retail and grocery shops
  • Entertainment Centres
  • Playgrounds
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Mosques

Where is Etoile located?

Where is Etoile located?
Where is Etoile located?

Etoile is a part of the Sedra community that is located North of Riyadh, nearby Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, and south of King Khalid International Airport.

The strategic location makes the community close to prominent destinations, entertainment centers, main roads, and modern transportation.

What are North Riyadh places to visit

North Riyadh offers lots of facilities, attractions, and places to visit that match all interests; you can find in North Riyadh all the following:

  • Al-Masmak Fortress: It’s one of the famous Riyadh tourist places, as it’s a historic fortress with a glimpse of Riyadh’s past, showcasing heritage Saudi architecture and offering insights into the city’s history; it will be an excellent place for history lovers to visit.
  • Granada Center: It’s a famous shopping mall in North Riyadh featuring a variety of brand outlets, restaurants, cafe shops, and entertainment facilities.
  • King Fahd International Stadium: A major sports and entertainment venue hosting various events, including important football matches and concerts.
  • Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University: One of the leading Islamic universities in the world, known for its academic excellence and cultural significance.

These are just a few examples of the diverse attractions and places in North Riyadh, providing its residents and visitors with a blend of modern amenities, historical sites, and entertainment spaces.

Contact Details 

Phone Number: 800 123 3333 (KSA)

Head offices in Saudi Arabia:

  • Riyadh: 12622 Makkah Road, Al Wizarat, Beside Riyadh Marriott Hotel, Saudi Arabia.
  • Riyadh – As Suwaidi: Al Qasr Mall 12791, As Suwaidi Al Am, Saudi Arabia.
  • Riyadh – Ash Shati: King Abdulaziz Road 23613, Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Olaya: Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz 12222, Saudi Arabia.