14 Reasons to Live in Buraidah Hills, Qassim

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Buraidah Hills in Al-Qassim is a residential community with high-end villas, various residential units, and designer plots. The community is constructed to offer a mixture of Saudi roots vibes and a modernized quality of life, including all the amenities and benefits for its residents, such as

1- High-Quality of Residential Units

Dar Al-Arkan is the developer of Buraidah Hills. It designed the community to ensure each family’s best quality of life and fulfil all their needs through the highest quality infrastructure, such as water, electricity, and bureaucratic services. 

About Dar Al Arkan

Dar Al Arkan is a well-known real estate development company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During its journey in Saudi Arabia’s real estate market, it has made many contributions to the sector sector, including:

  • Landmark Projects: The company has undertaken many large-scale and innovative projects that contribute to developing the infrastructure of Saudi Arabian cities.
  • International Presence: Dar Al Arkan expanded its operations beyond Saudi Arabia, engaging in real estate ventures in international markets. Due to this global expansion, Dar Al Arkan is committed to diversifying its portfolio to compete in the real estate market on a worldwide scale.
  • Innovation in Design and Sustainability: Dar Al Arkan’s focus on sustainability in its architecture projects is to be aligned with the global trends that aim at eco-friendly and energy-efficient developments.
  • Community Development: Dar Al Arkan actively engages in community development by providing modern amenities and facilities to Saudi Arabian cities, enhancing residents’ overall quality of life.
  • Industry Recognition: Dar Al Arkan has received recognition and awards within the real estate industry for its outstanding contributions. 
  • Commitment to Vision 2030: Dar Al Arkan’s construction projects align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, contributing to the nation’s economic diversification and social development goals through its real estate initiatives.
  • Residential and Commercial Offerings: The company offers diverse residential and commercial properties to fulfil market needs.

2- Various Living Units

Buraidah Hills offers different living units that suit small and large families. In addition, there are apartments for rent in Buraidah Hills available for those seeking a temporary home in Al-Qassim. 

3- Strategic Location

Buraidah Hills in Al-Qassim City is located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, making it easily reachable from major cities. 

4- Modern Facilities

Al-Qassim & Qassim
Al-Qassim & Qassim

The community offers entertainment and public spaces, including:

  • Commercial shops
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Mosques
  • Green spaces and gardens
  • Walkways and tracks
  • Bike paths.

5- Cultural Richness

Al-Qassim City is deeply rooted in Saudi Arabian culture, which provides a unique opportunity for residents to immerse themselves in historical heritage, customs, local traditions, and traditional restaurants to savour traditional Saudi Arabian dishes.

6- Friendly Atmosphere 

Living in Buraidah Hills lets you connect with neighbours and make friends through tight-knit neighbourhoods, making Buraidah Hills the perfect place for families searching for houses for sale in Al-Qassim.

7- Educational Opportunities

Al-Qassim includes high-quality educational institutions, including schools and universities that offer a wide range of educational programs.

8- Work Opportunities

Qassim’s economic activities depend on agriculture, commerce, and industrial production. These activities present different employment opportunities for residents. Also, there are various commercial unit options in Buraidah for those searching for commercial property for sale in a lively area.

9- Spiritual Atmosphere

Qassim is known for its historical and religious landmarks, enabling residents to engage in religious activities. As it hosts various cultural and religious events all over the year.

10- Safety and Security


In Buraidah Hills, Al-Qassim, there are vital safety and security services for residents and their families.

11- Modern Amenities

Al-Qassim features modern facilities such as shopping malls, healthcare centres, and recreational spaces, ensuring access to essential services and a comfortable lifestyle.

12- Amazing View

Buraidah Hills, Al-Qassim’s landscape includes mountains, parks, and outdoor spaces, letting residents enjoy the view and the various outdoor activities.

13- Family-Based Environment

In Buraidah Hills, many activities and facilities cater to families, including public parks, educational institutions, and community events.

14- Entertainment Activities 

There is a wide range of entertainment in Buraidah Hills and nearby places, such as

  1. Buraidah Central Market offers local products, traditional crafts, and entertainment activities to experience the city’s bustling energy.
  2. Al Qassim National Park is a popular recreational spot with lush greenery, play areas, and sports and leisure facilities offering outdoor activities and family picnics.
  3. Al-Ared Park in Buraidah offers a serene setting with gardens, walking paths, and recreational facilities, so it’s an ideal spot for relaxation and spending quality time outdoors.
  4. Al-Nawawis Garden: It’s a garden located in Buraidah. It is a peaceful retreat with well-maintained greenery.
  5. Ghadeer Khumm Park features recreational areas, playgrounds, and walking paths, providing a relaxing environment for families.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Available Universities Near Buraidah Hills?

  • Qassim University is a prominent centre for education and research in the region.
  • Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU) – Qassim Branch: the university contributes to the academic landscape in the region, as it offers high-quality educational opportunities for different majors such as science, pharmacy, and engineering.

What are the Historical Places to Visit Near Buraidah Hills?

Living in Al-Qassim helps you blend with the rich history and cultural heritage through the historical remarks in the city.

  1. Al-Bukairiyah Museum: the museum showcases artefacts, traditional costumes, and historical exhibits, providing insight into the traditions and customs of the region.
  2. Al-Rass Heritage Village: Step back in time at the Heritage Village in Al-Rass, where you can experience traditional Saudi architecture, crafts, and daily life as in the past.
  3. Ishaaq Bin Abdulrahman Palace: it’s an interesting stop for history enthusiasts to discover the palace’s architecture and cultural significance.

What are Natural Places to Visit Near Buraidah Hills?

Al-Al-Qassim has many natural attractions, one of them being Al-Madareek Mountain. The mountain is known for its unique geological formations, so it’s a picturesque destination for hiking and taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

What are the Top 5 Hotels in Qassim, Saudi Arabia?

  • Reef Al Qassim Hotel Apartments – Buraydah.
  • Ewaa Express Hotel – Buraydah.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel – Buraidah.
  • Best Western Plus – Buraidah.
  • Rollins Hotel  – Buraidah.