In the age of entrepreneurship, there are ground breaking innovations, novelties, new

technologies and future-driven projects waiting in the wings to become a reality. Generally, the visionaries behind these ideas don’t have the know-how to efficiently bring them to life, resulting in costly, time consuming and sub-standard realizations. This is where Compass comes in.

Since its inception in 2014, Compass’ vast team of experts have provided cost-effective, efficient and bespoke roadmaps to bring every vision to life. Whether it’s a new hotel or a multi-use mix project, Compass believes every vision that positively contributes to mankind, must be given every resource to become a reality. As a project and cost management consultancy firm, Compass has earned a reputation of creating and implementing stellar project and cost management services, so much so, it has earned awards and enjoyed regional recognition.

Compass has had year-on-year growth. It now has 1 main office and 1 satellite office in the UAE and KSA with approximately 80 employees.