Atop the cliffs, overlooking the shores of Muscat, is a place of wonder. Aida, an ode to the sea.
Overlooking the World

Perched on hilltops 100 meters above the shores of Muscat is Aida, a place where the cliffs cradle you to sleep, the waters inspire your next adventure, and the views leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in a charming mixed-use development project comprised of enchanting residences, amenities, and outdoor landscapes.

A Realm of Conveniences

Only 20 minutes away from Downtown Muscat is a piece of paradise. A place where the earthy atmosphere envelops 3,500 residential units consisting of medium-sized villas, townhouses, and low-rise apartments. A place where two charming hotels, a plaza filled with cafes and restaurants, a gated promenade, luxury retail and wellness centers, and gorgeous outdoor landscapes await. A place where all the noise is quietened to let your ideas compose a beautiful symphony.

Hanging Suites

Perched atop rocky cliffs is your very own paradise on earth. The Hanging Suites are Aida’s hidden pearl. Step into a picturesque getaway where a private pool welcomes you. Along the way, you’ll find your very own floating bedroom and en-suite bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows floating over the shores of Muscat.

Amid a Sea of Inspiration: Your Villa

In between the cliffs, where nature is left undisturbed, are the nature-bound villas. Each interconnected through winding pathways, each obsessively private. The villas are built to ensure absolute peace of mind and a continuous waterfall of inspiration.