Covering approximately 863,000 sq.m, Shams Al Arous is a well-planned, best-in-class integrated community project, and one of the most substantial in the Jeddah City area.

It features an array of residential and mixed-use buildings, in addition to schools, commercial centres, beautifully landscaped green spaces, government offices and mosques. Shams Al Arous offers residents a peaceful and an ideal modern living environment.


Shams Al Arous is located to the east of Jeddah, about 5 km from the intersection of Palestine Road and Al-Haramain Road.

This location is directly connected with the city’s main roads, linked by Haramain Road/Palestine Road in the north and King Abdullah Road in the south.

A Mixed-use Development

The project comprises of a diverse range of residential and mixed-use buildings.

The residential areas of the project are characterized by contemporary designs, both diverse and harmonious, with multiple areas of apartments and villas.

World-Class Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the project is ideal. Work includes a major road network with an extension of Palestine Road, internal roads and sidewalks, electrical power and water supply networks, a drainage system, street lighting and landscaping.