Spanning across 816,000 sq.m with a built-up area of 1.2 million sq.m, Parisiana is located in the lively downtown area in Riyadh.

The project represents an integrated community with 2,797 apartments, 254 villas and about 25,000 sq.m of office spaces overlooking the main streets of the project. Additionally, it contains 63,000 sq.m of retail space known as Parisiana Boulevard.

Strategically located in Al Suwaidi district, bordering Wadi Hanifa and King Fahd Road to the east, Parisiana enjoys access to Riyadh’s prime lifestyle destinations.

The project is integrated with facilities for the public on more than 53% of its total area. This includes government offices, administrative buildings, a public park, schools and mosques. The project is surrounded by one of the largest shopping centres, Al Qasr Mall.

Facilities at Parisiana

Commercial Housing:
(43) Buildings with (1318) residential apartments and floors dedicated to commercial area.

Residential Buildings:
(87) Buildings with (1479) residential apartment.

Residential Villas:
(254) Villas.

Administrative Office Building:
With a total area of 25,000 sq.m.

Six mosques

Four schools

Shopping Centres:
Parisiana Boulevard and Al Qasr Mall

Al Suwaidi Park

Dar Al Arkan developed Al Suwaidi Park in the heart of the Parisiana Riyadh project, on an area of approximately 155,000 sq.m. The park has two segments, called the Family Park, occupying about 60% of the area, and the Youth Park, which occupies 30% of Al Suwaidi Park.

The Family Park is located at a higher level and it includes many amenities such as restaurants, a pool area, a beautiful fountain that breaks into water tables, walkways, Masjid and parking lots for about 150 cars.