Mixed-Use Project | Medina, Saudi Arabia

In Medina, close to the divine boundaries of the Prophet’s Mosque, Dar Al Arkan developed Naeem El Jiwar villas. This mixed-use project features unique villas of Arabian architectural styles built around green landscapes and exclusive vanguard gardens.

With an array of villas, residential spaces, and ideally located commercial plots to choose from, Naeem El Jiwar is rich in investment opportunities. The proximity of the Naeem neighbourhood from the Prophet’s Mosque offers easy access to Quba Mosque, Darb Al Sunnah walkway, universities, government institutions and shopping malls. The residents of the project enjoy exclusive transport services to and from those sites.

The total area of the project is 2.2 million square meters. The infrastructure including electricity network, water system, irrigation system, rainwater drainage system is complete, and the main road network is in place. The project also provides facilities such as schools, mosques, parks and shopping malls.