Residential Complex | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Located in the north of Riyadh, Al Maseef residential complex blends nature with lifestyle and emanates a positive and a pleasant ambience, ideal for families. With a total area of 267 sq.m, the duplex villa is surrounded by rich green lawns embellished with beautiful gardens, playgrounds for children, swimming pool and a fitness centre. Experience pure bliss by being a part of this thriving lifestyle community, located close to the premier shopping malls, hospitals and prominent government offices.

The complex is connected to the city by Zuhair Bin Abi Salma Street, between exit 5 and 6 of the Northern Ring Road, one of the major roads in Riyadh. The total area of the residential complex is 8681 sq.m. Owing to its convenient spot-on location and sophisticated landscaping, Al Maseef has become one of the most sought-after investment destinations.