Sun, 16 Apr 2017

Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company held an open recruitment day at the Marriott Hotel in Riyadh on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, in collaboration with TAQAT program of the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF). Around 250 Saudi candidates were interviewed out of which qualified persons were nominated to join the team at Dar Al Arkan.

“Dar Al Arkan plans to expand activities and taking advantage of the investment opportunities available in the real estate sector in general and the housing sector in particular. In line with such strategy, the company will rely on qualified and promising Saudi talents to be employed in collaboration with TAQAT program, thus utilizing the incentive programs offered to integrate the recruitment, hiring, and prequalification process, to employ gifted and promising talents with high quality and productivity, who can support company’s capabilities and competitiveness to realize the desired goals”, said Mr. Yousef Al Shelash, chairman of Dar Al Arkan.

“We are totally confident in Saudi talents, and we are very pleased to invite them to join Dar Al Arkan team,” added Mr. Al Shelash. He confirmed that the company aims at raising Saudization to the highest rates. Further, he highlighted the healthy working environment of the company that enables employees to try their best in a convenient atmosphere, while gaining more knowledge, expertise, and skills that add them real value over time.

Al Shelash stressed the concordance of the company’s plans with the targets of the Kingdom Vision 2030 to raise the supply of real estate products in general and housing in particular in such a way that contribute to the solution of the housing problem and increase the gross domestic product (GDP). Also aiming at creating job opportunities and enabling Saudi promising talents to occupy positions and allow them to ascend to higher job grades. He added that Dar Al Arkan considers its employees to be the valuable assets of the company that realize the targeted returns of the company’s shareholders. Saudi employees are among the most valuable assets of the company for several reasons; they understand the culture of Saudi society, and have the ability to deal positively with all sectors and segments of the society. Moreover, Saudi employees are the best human resources that are capable of reducing occupational and professional exposure, which usually occurs when countries are exposed to emergency conditions if the expatriates leave work and go back to their countries.

Al Shelash mentioned that by holding this recruitment day, Dar Al Arkan seeks to strengthen the capabilities of the current team by attracting talented people who enjoy ambitious and creative spirit; which will be an added value to the company. The company will help polishing their talents through training courses and development programs that will enhance their abilities and enable them to play an active role in supporting company’s businesses and contribute to the future growth of Dar Al Arkan; as well as achieving company’s ambitious plans to comply with the defined strategic objectives.

Dar Al-Arkan is the leading real estate development company in the Kingdom. The company maintains an excellent track record of successful real estate and housing projects. Customers have widely recognized the company for its development approach which provides social, economic, and recreational services for its projects..