In collaboration with COBOD, a global leader in modular 3D construction printers, Dar Al Arkan will be the first in the Kingdom and the region to introduce the 3D Concrete Printer (3DCP) into the real estate market. 3DCP is a future-forward printer that is capable of printing large scale residential units and will be operated by a 100% Saudi team. Leveraging 3DCP will not only transform the real estate market through increased efficiency, quality, and growth, but also empower national talent, resulting in a better quality of life for everyone in the Kingdom.

The 3D Concrete Printer (3DCP) is very similar to the standard Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer. While the FDM prints scaled-down 3D models for buildings and projects, the 3DCP is capable of printing actual-size units that are safe, solid, and EU-certified.

The 3DCP operates based on the gantry system, which utilizes an agile large-scale frame structure that supports the printhead along the X/Y axis. According to the design, the printhead deposits the concrete in layers until the whole skeletal structure is complete.

The Benefits of 3DCP:

Zero Error & Wastage

Due to its computerized features, its produces the highest quality standard structures with almost zero error and waste.

Less Manpower & Increased Productivity

Capable of printing an entire house with only 3 workers.

Highspeed Building

Capable of printing up to 1 meter of concrete in 1 second.

Quick Setup & Dismantle

The printing structure only takes 2 days to set up and 1 day to dismantle.

EU Certified

Highest safety standards and EU certified.

Extremely Flexible

The printing structure can be readjusted to print residential units of different sizes.