Dar Al Arkan is a stable, proven entity, backed by a professional team, with extensive experience in real estate, sales, marketing and finance, with the sole aim of achieving the highest investment profits, and providing the best housing solutions through:

Owning land in excellent locations, and at suitable prices
Effective capital management and planning
Adherence to the project implementation schedule, and finding appropriate solutions
Adherence to sustainability standards, for future projects
Since the company’s founding year, 1994, Dar Al Arkan has been contributing relentlessly to real estate in Saudi Arabia. So far, the company has handed over 30 real estate projects, completing 15,000 housing units and 500,000 sq.m of commercial space.
Dar Al Arkan has amassed a large land bank with a national footprint particularly in the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. The company has international offices in Dubai, London and Bosnia.
Dar Al Arkan has won numerous awards for its superior quality residential and commercial projects throughout the Kingdom. These impressive achievements are a testimony to the tremendous capabilities that makes Dar Al Arkan a primer developer of residential and commercial communities in the Kingdom and internationally. Dar Al Arkan, the largest company ever, to develop urban communities and high profile commercial projects, both regionally and internationally.
Dar Al Arkan has a robust strategy for financial security and stability, through diversification. The revenues of the company are generated through land development, real estate development and property management, which has unique locations and offers attraction investment returns. Dar Al Arkan enjoys financial flexibility through low-cost financing with regional and global institutions. Prudent liquidity management and diversified maturity profile, ensure the financial stability of the company.