Wasalt is joint venture between the leading real estate developer in Saudi Arabia, with more than 27 years of experience, Dar Al Arkan, and Quara Holding, a technology startup incubator and innovation hub. Both these cutting-edge companies came together to create Wasalt, a revolutionary real estate platform comprised of a website and application that specializes in real estate brokerage. It’s main purpose; to ensure every property listed is verified, of premium quality and transparent in pricing. It is your one-stop portal to all your real estate needs, from searching for properties, to buying, renting, real estate marketing and even listing for both the commercial and residential sector.

As the first platform offering reliable real estate brokerage services, Wasalt’s team of distinguished experts will ensure every property is managed and developed to the utmost standards, all the proper protocols are followed and collaborations are managed across different industries. All this to make sure every customer has a seamless and enjoyable experience.