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Why invest in Dar Al Arkan

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Why invest in DAAR

The short answer–we’re a stable, proven entity in the lucrative real estate sector, poised to continue growing our brand and share value, and your wise investment in the process. Real estate is the gift that keeps on giving – one that can sustain you in the present and reward you in the future.

Now, let’s consider the long answer – because there are many reasons Dar Al Arkan deserves your trust.

The right country

Saudi Arabia is the largest state in the Gulf region with a young population (61.4% of the country is aged under 35 – PopulationPyramind.net). A young demographic with rising disposable income fuels the demand for bigger and better homes in this market.

The right sector

Outlook for the regional market is strong thanks to the Kingdom’s National Transformation Program, an initiative to encourage home ownership by making homes more affordable through real estate financing. The momentum created by more attractive mortgages will stimulate growth in the country’s real estate sector over the long term. Dar Al Arkan has the all-important middle-income segment of the population in mind as this trend builds.

The right brand

We are the largest, publicly traded real estate company on the Saudi Stock Exchange, and we operate with great transparency. We are also the largest land bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All of this, combined with our impressive track record, translates to stability for investors.

We invest continuously in our brand to benefit our shareholders, and take a similar approach with our communities, making ongoing enhancements to raise their value. Growth in global demand for our company’s Sukuk (Islamic bonds) demonstrates the degree of international trust in what we do.

The right assets

Dar Al Arkan has amassed a large land bank (37 million square meters) in the cities of Jeddah, Riyadh and Mecca. Our land bank is selected for quality, strategic location and market prospects.

These holdings are the basis for comprehensive urban development projects with accompanying infrastructure. The residential and commercial possibilities of our well-planned projects add tremendous value to already valuable property.

Our team on the ground in development, construction and facilities management is second to none in delivering world-class structures on budget and on time.

The right strategies

Dar Al Arkan has a built-in strategy for financial security and stability through diversification. Our revenue is generated through land development, real estate development, property management and medium-term leasing. Multiple streams allow us to keep growing while protecting us against revenue fluctuation and financial risk.

We enjoy financial flexibility through low-cost financing with regional institutions.

We handle our finances with the same care as our homes and communities. Prudent liquidity management, close monitoring of check issuance, prompt payments and a diversified maturity profile are some of the many ways we run a tight financial ship.

The right partner for the world stage

At Dar Al Arkan, we’re committed to reaching new heights in our business activities and relationship with investors. We take a pro-active approach to company management, always seeking new ways to improve our performance. Our dedication to best practices in corporate governing means we prioritize great communication with investors, a quality that serves us well as we open our doors ever wider to international financing.