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Dar Al-Arkan Launches Sales of "Parisiana Living" Villas in Riyadh

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Sunday, May 21, 2017
Dar Al-Arkan Launches Sales of "Parisiana Living" Villas in Riyadh

Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate Development Company has launched the sale of residential villas at its project “Parisiana Living” in Riyadh. The project is located in one of the most vibrant and serviced areas in Riyadh near King Fahad Road, and about less than 30 minutes from Al Qiddiah, the Kingdom's largest cultural, sports and leisure city, and the first of its kind in the world.

“Parisiana Living” project comprises residential villas with different built-up areas. The villas feature a modern design that meets the needs of various customer segments and the optimum utilization of different areas. Customers can own, receive and immediately start investing “Parisiana Living” Villas. The villas’ structure of “Parisiana Living” is guaranteed by Dar Al-Arkan, as well as the electrical, mechanical and finishing works.

The design of “Parisian Living” project is inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, which promotes walkability, cultural communication, and interaction in public places. That is why “Parisiana Living” provides broad pedestrian sidewalks to help them stroll around the project and practice walking in a relaxed, comfortable and healthy environment. To meet the requirements of modern lifestyle, Parisiana Living offers a great variety of large villa models with carefully selected building materials and meticulously distributed spaces that consider timeless taste, old tradition, and sophisticated feel. The villa designs provide maximum privacy to all family members and easy access to various service utilities within each unit. The project provides sports gym for men and women, and residents will enjoy security services around the clock.

“Parisiana Living” is strategically located near Al Qasr Mall, the largest shopping mall in south-central Riyadh, and the major shopping destination in the city with its four floors and 429 shops. In addition to the proximity to the government departments, educational institutions, and major hospitals, “Parisiana Living” is well connected to “Parisiana Boulevard,” the neighborhood hub dedicated to restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets along both sides.

"The launch of Parisiana Living villas comes in line with Dar Al-Arkan's approach to provide the Kingdom's real estate market with high-quality ready-made housing units. We help customers own their homes from a trusted real estate developer,” commented Mr. Youssef Al Shelash, Chairman of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate Development Company. “Dar Al-Arkan offers real estate products of high quality, not only for the purpose of living, but also for the purpose of investing, protecting, and maximizing hard earned wealth. The real estate property always picks up and protects customers' investments even during declining economic conditions. Buying properties from a well-established company such as Dar Al-Arkan, the most prominent name in the real estate sector in the Kingdom, will add more value to customers’ investment. It will be easy for them to rent and resale their units later on,” added Mr. Al Shelash.

Al Shelash lauds the company’s active contribution to the development of the housing sector in the Kingdom, where the company has developed more than 15 thousand residential units and more than 500 thousand square meters of leasing space within integrated urban communities, which made Dar Al-Arkan the pioneer real estate development company in the Kingdom. "Our ongoing investment in our brand, Dar Al-Arkan, will always benefit the investors who have trusted the company and invested in our products. The expertise and success stories of Dar Al-Arkan will enable the company to play an active role in finding suitable housing solutions, supporting government initiatives in the housing sector, thus efficiently contribute to achieving the targets of Kingdom's Vision 2030 in the field of accommodation,” added Mr. Al Shelash.

Established in 1994, Dar Al-Arkan is the largest listed real estate company in the Saudi stock market with a capital of SAR 10.8 billion (The US $ 2.88 billion) and a total asset value close to SR 25 billion, and it is considered the leading real estate development company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.