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Dar Al Arkan and Saudi Real Estate Institute sign agreement

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Dar Al Arkan and Saudi Real Estate Institute sign agreement

Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company (DAAR) signed an agreement with the Saudi Real Estate Institute (SREI) promising active involvement in the fields of professional training and employment. Esteemed dignitaries of both parties; Yousef bin Abdullah Al Shelash, Chairman of Dar Al Arkan, the General Supervisor of SREI, Mohammed bin Faisal bin Moammar, and prominent officials; Abdullah Al-Shaikh the CEO of Saudi Home Loans (SHL) Khalid Al-Mulhim the Managing Director and CEO of Al-Khair Capital, were witnessing the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, under the sponsorship of Dar Al Arkan, SREI is to introduce programs that imbue quality training and enhance real estate skills, exclusively for DAAR employees. Moreover, Dar Al Arkan will be the sole sponsor of the programs above led by the Institute, in its consistent effort to realize, employ qualified talents and gear them for the market.

"Dar Al Arkan insists on bearing responsibility for the development of the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as in improving the international practices related to this field," commented Yousef Al Shelash, Chairman of Dar Al Arkan. He also affirmed, " We are keen to improve the efficiency of DAAR employees and extend their workmanship to achieve the company's business goals and objectives."

As a part of Dar Al Arkan’s contribution and commitment to the society, the company will sponsor numerous training programs actioned by the SREI; aimed to improve and tap potential talents to be an integral part of the real estate sector and employ them within DAAR, or other suitable alternatives in KSA. Citizens under the social security entitlement, Tarahom, and the committee for the care of orphans seeking work will be prioritized.