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Naeem el Jiwar

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Naeem el Jiwar
Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Set within the boundary of the Prophet’s Mosque, Naeem el Jiwar boasts the convenience of easy access to Masjid Quba, Darb Al Sunah walkway, universities, government entities and shopping malls.

Its wide-open spaces, unique villas of varying Arabian architectural styles and interiors, exclusive Vanguard gardens and first-class services offer residents an exclusive urban lifestyle of comfort and luxury, spanning a total area of about 2.2 million square meters.

Residents enjoy free transportation to the Prophet’s Mosque as well as the major shopping centers of Madinah.

With an array of villas, residential spaces and ideally located commercial plots to choose from, Naeem el Jiwar is rich in investment opportunities.

Own your Villa in Madinah

Your second Villa in the second most holy site on earth

  • Ready for handover today
  • Falls within the Holy Haram boundaries
  • Pay over 3 years
  • Handover after paying 50%
  • 4 bedroom independent villas
  • Special discounts for cash payments
  • Limited number of villas

* Terms and Conditions apply

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