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Project Description

Where natural beauty meets urban convenience

Strategically located in the growing northwest of Riyadh, Shams ArRiyadh is a forward-looking integrated community where the beauty of nature and modern technology come together for refined living.

Shams ArRiyadh has an elevated position with breathtaking views of the Wadi Hanifa and a natural valley, which will be regenerated to further enhance its beauty for residents. The project’s lovely natural surroundings will be complemented by numerous gardens and terraces as well as designated spaces for sports, social and cultural activities, public amenities and other urban facilities.

Conceived as a cutting-edge “smart” neighborhood, this model community will feature multi-service digital architecture, giving residents built-in access to a wide range of visual/audio media applications and information platforms.

Building and property systems will be linked through a single network to provide high-speed Internet, telecommunications and wireless service. Network and building safety will be maintained through hi-tech security, safety, heating, cooling, lighting and fire systems. Residents will be able to program and control their cooling and lighting systems remotely, for greater energy efficiency, comfort and convenience.


A perfect location

Situated in the Al-Ammariyah district (King Khalid Road), part of the growing northwest corridor of Riyadh, Shams ArRiyadh is close to the heart of the city, yet surrounded by natural beauty. The project is just 19 km from King Khalid International Airport, 9 km from King Abdullah Financial Center, 12 km from King Saud University and 16 km from Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University.


Designed for all aspects of life

Shams ArRiyadh covers more than 5 million square meters and contains a residential and commercial area with everything needed for thriving, vibrant community.


Residential area

The residential area includes apartments, villas, multi-purpose buildings (residential/commercial use) and a village (design-phase).


Apartments – With a variety of sizes and designs to suit a variety of homeowners, apartments have one to four bedrooms, living and dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms and other service areas. Sizes range from 120 to 180 square meters.


Villas – Larger in size and similarly varied to suit varying needs, residential villas have one to four bedrooms, living and dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms and other service areas. Sizes range from 200 to 520 square meters.


Residential village – A harmonious integrated residential complex featuring a range of modern designs and allotments for villas, the village is one of Dar Al-Arkan “DAAR”’s solutions for Saudi housing demand.


Commercial area

Overlooking King Khaled Road, it links to the growing urban area to the northwest of Riyadh, which will look to Shams ArRiyadh for services. Its location makes the commercial area a high-prospect investment opportunity.

The area will contain an attractive shopping mall and central business zone with mixed-use buildings, hotels and shopping zones, all overlooking a central courtyard and landmark mosque. A distinctive series of luxury villas and palaces is positioned along the bank of Wadi Hanifa, to take advantage of its captivating vista.

Additional features include:

  • Educational and medical facilities
  • Integrated public utilities



Much of Shams ArRiyadh’s infrastructure is already completed, including: rough grading, the frontage and main gate, and a bridge over the valley to link the commercial and residential areas. Two power stations and a comprehensive water network with reservoir have also been built. Work is underway to complete phase one of backbone infrastructure including major roads, streetscape, planting and lighting.


Solutions for the Saudi real estate market

The Shams ArRiyadh project is one more way Dar Al-Arkan ‘DAAR” is meeting the needs of our population. Market research went into our planning to ensure that the residential options we offer match the requirements of Saudi and expat families in size and design, whether for sale or rental.

Nearby Facilities

The facilities nearby to the project

  • Cafe

  • Fitness

  • Pertrol Station

  • Restaurant

  • Supermarket
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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