Shams Al Arous

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Project Description

Covering approximately 863,000 square meters, Shams Al Arous is a well-planned, best-in-class integrated community project, and one of the most substantial in the Jeddah City area. It will feature an array of residential and mixed-use buildings, in addition to schools, commercial centers, beautifully landscaped green spaces, public services and mosques. Upon completion, Shams Al Arous will offer residents a peaceful and ideal modern living environment.


Ideally located near Jeddah City

Shams Al Arous is situated just outside the city, about 5 km from the Palestine Road and Haramain Road intersection. This location is directly connected with the city’s main roads and center, linked by Haramain Road/Palestine Road in the north and King Abdullah Road in the south.


Varied designs for varied needs

The apartments and villas of Shams Al Arous are expertly designed to meet the requirements of the people who will live and work there, with units available in various styles and sizes. Every service and convenience necessary for a fulfilling, modern lifestyle has been incorporated into the urban planning.


Major infrastructure now in place

Much of the infrastructure needed for this project has been completed. Work includes a major road network with an extension of Palestine Road, internal roads and sidewalks, electrical power and water supply networks, a drainage system, street lighting and landscaping.

Nearby Facilities

The facilities nearby to the project

  • Cafe

  • Fitness

  • Pertrol Station

  • Restaurant

  • Supermarket
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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