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Project Description

Juman is one of the company’s most important projects. It began in 2014 as a joint venture between Dar Al-Arkan “DAAR” and a group of well-established Saudi businessmen based in the KSA. In this partnership, Dar Al-Arkan “DAAR” is a shareholder as well as the developer and project manager.

Located on the waterfront in the eastern region of the Kingdom, the Juman project will involve developing over 8.2 million square meters of land into an unparalleled tourism destination that integrates residential and commercial areas, shopping centers, hotels, entertainment facilities and resorts.

A combination of strategic location, first-class real estate products, superb design and smart planning make this a project rich in economic possibilities and returns for investors, as well as a landmark project for the country and wider region.

Components of Juman:

  • Resorts
  • Medical centers
  • An aqua park
  • A sports city
  • Mixed-use towers
  • Business and shopping centers
  • Hotels
  • A university and education complex
  • Residential buildings
  • Luxury and waterfront villas


Bridges will be built to provide a direct connection between the neighbouring cities of Dammam and Ras Tanura. Plans require the reclamation of land immersed in the Arabian Gulf. All development will take into consideration the surrounding area and preservation of the natural environment.


Residential solutions, luxurious living

Residential areas will be built over 3.65 million square meters of the land and provide a range of housing options for individuals and families in the east. The project satisfies a growing demand for beachfront housing in the Kingdom and will serve as a model development for the region.

Inhabitants of Juman will enjoy a peerless lifestyle. High-rise apartments offer spectacular views of the Gulf. Luxurious villas line the waterfront in a variety of sizes and designs, each with its own private beach. Resorts will include hotel units, chalets and beach villas for tourists and visitors. All resorts will offer marine views, an extensive scenic natural environment and integrated hotel-service facilities.


Perfectly positioned on the Arabian Gulf

On a scenic strip of land between Dammam and Ras Tanura, overlooking the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Juman is perfectly placed as both holiday destination and place for living, working and doing business.

Impressive in scope and vision, the project is poised to become one of the most substantial, high-end integrated communities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

Nearby Facilities

The facilities nearby to the project

  • Cafe

  • Fitness

  • Pertrol Station

  • Restaurant

  • Supermarket
Tarout, Saudi Arabia

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